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Bob Ledford's Adventure Motorhomes Finance Department

At Bob Ledford's Adventure Motor Homes, we are RV enthusiasts, and there's nothing we enjoy more than helping our customers find the kind of fun and adventure that the purchase of a quality RV can bring. If you're considering financing your new RV, you're in good hands with our finance department. We are thrilled to get the opportunity to help you set up a financing plan that gets you out on the road as soon as possible.

We don't finance motorhomes and travel trailers alone. You can also add parts, accessories, and extended service plan to your finance package. Everything you need to make sure your ownership experience is fun and rewarding, all for one simple monthly payment!

Our knowledgeable finance staff is here to make the process of purchasing your motorhome, trailer, or RV easy, so don't put off your dreams! Come in and talk to us today! You'll know you made the right choice when you're traveling the country in your new RV

As you start your RV adventure, you'll definitely need recreational insurance and you may need help financing your RV. The experts at Bob Ledford's Adventure Motor Homes can walk you through each step of your RV financing paperwork, help you obtain the appropriate RV insurance coverage, as well as help you protect your investment with GAP insurance and other warranty products.

RV Financing

Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or just starting your journey, our Finance Manager will be happy to explain your RV finance options and help turn your RV dreams into reality. Whether you're purchasing an entry-level trailer or a top line motor home, financing an RV through Bob Ledford's Adventure Motor Homes in today's buyer's market means you can get a great price and a low RV loan rate for years of vacation savings.

We work with the nation's leading lenders to offer you the most flexible finance options available and help you secure a competitive loan rate. Your personal Finance Manager will contact lenders on your behalf to obtain the best motor home financing terms possible, taking the hassle out of the RV loan application experience. With a typical RV finance period of 10 to 20 years, you'll enjoy affordable monthly payments that fit your budget and in most cases, we can even arrange same-day financing so you can begin your adventure immediately.

Your RV loan interest may even be tax deductible as second-home mortgage interest. To qualify for these tax benefits, your recreational vehicle must be used as a second home and provide basic living accommodations within the trailer or motor home; such as a sleeping area, a bathroom and cooking facilities. Financing an RV is often a better option than paying cash, as you can deduct the interest and invest your savings elsewhere.

Please contact our Finance Managers to apply for credit or to answer your questions related to the financing of your purchase. Phone (864) 848-0098 and ask for our Finance Department.